Available from 14 oktober 2019

Habitat Rotterdam - Shaping City Life


Thirty-four interviews with Rotterdam creatives: designers, artists, architects, choreographers, and writers. Thirty-four portraits of people, makers, homes, workspaces, perspectives, and passions.

Homes, studios & perspectives


We zigzagged across Rotterdam, from Charlois to Delfshaven and Nieuwe Westen, and from artist to culinary entrepreneur. We talked to Susan Bijl, Raoul de Jong, Joline Jolink and Conny Janssen. We visited the studios of Richard Hutten and Rotganzen, and asked Sjarel Ex and Aruna Vermeulen about their perspectives on urban change.

Rotterdam is exciting, fast, constantly developing. People live there, they work and have fun. What makes safeguarding proper living and work space so important, not just to the people of this city, but also to the city itself? What are the opportunities and pitfalls of change? The people portrayed in this book are often idealists and dreamers, but above all, they’re entrepreneurs who can’t help but follow their hearts. That’s why they live and work here in Rotterdam.

About the creators

In 2013, Priscilla de Putter and Nicoline Rodenburg founded Habitat Magazine: portraits of Rotterdam makers in their natural habitat. With this book, the two plead for the preservation of literal and figurative space for creativity in the city.
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